An Introduction To Jewish Prayer

May 26, 2015—May 29, 2015

An Introduction To Jewish Prayer

Lecture and Workshop

Prayer is an outpouring of the heart, a summoning of intention, a creative and imaginative activity meant to awaken us and attach our consciousness to the mysterious Presence from which all existence springs. Jewish prayer forms fulfill all of these definitions, using the venerable language of ancient tradition, and countless metaphors meant to evoke varying aspects of the Divine. Jewish prayer is focused not on defining “God”, but on relating and connecting to God. Jewish individual prayer is meant to awaken us to humble gratitude and awestruck awareness countless times a day; Jewish communal prayer gives us an opportunity to reaffirm our identity as both an ancient People and as a contemporary community of spiritual seekers.

Rabbi Jonathan will be presenting as part of “Prayer as a Path to Bliss: an Interfaith Symposium”. Full information at

Paradise Island, Bahamas
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