I Pledge Allegiance to Planet Earth

When Neil Armstrong passed away in August, 2012, I felt moved to honor his memory with these words as we sounded the shofar a few weeks later. I find this message ever more relevant and even urgent, and I share it with you again as the New Year approaches.

Blowing the Shofar in Memory of Neil Armstrong

This past June, I enjoyed a reunion with two old friends, Bruce Levinson and Steve Fishman. We first met at Camp Spruce Hill in 1966; they really are my oldest friends. Bruce suggested that we go camping at Tolland State Forest in the Berkshires, close to our old camp, and visit camp together. Camp Spruce Hill closed up shop in 1976, but the camp is still open, since it was purchased by Camp Kinderland, which runs its summer program there.

The grounds and buildings are remarkably unchanged. We found our old bunk, and we even identified graffiti still on the walls from almost fifty years ago. The experience was quite surreal!

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