Blacks and Jews: Finding Our Common Ground

(with Kim and Reggie Harris)

African Americans and Jews share an inspiring and ancient story of the struggle against oppression and slavery, and the abiding possibility of liberation: the story of the Exodus from Egypt.

For Jews, this is the story of how they became a people, a story which they retell each year at the Passover Seder.  For African Americans, this is a central story that animated their struggle for liberation from slavery and gave them strength and hope.  For many Jewish and African Americans, the modern Civil Rights Movement is the liberation struggle of our time, and calls up the ancient images of Moses and Pharaoh, and the Creator of the Universe who insists that all God’s children be free.

Through irresistible music, powerful storytelling and honest conversation, Rabbi Jonathan and his dear friends and renowned singers and activists Kim and Reggie Harris bring us all to the table to rediscover and celebrate our common ground, the shared sense of holy purpose that many Jews and African Americans shared during the struggle for civil rights.

Rabbi Jonathan and Kim and Reggie Harris are available for concerts, residencies, and many other formats. Contact us to find out more. Their CD, “Let My People Go: A Jewish and African American Celebration of Freedom” is available here.

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