All My Bones Shall Praise

Praying through Movement, Song and Dance

Do you long to move, to fill your lungs, to sing out, to more fully express the life that flows through you? Full-bodied, full-hearted, full-throated expression: this is a good way to pray.

It’s sad that prayer has become so disembodied – it becomes dry and incomprehensible. Prayer is not a laundry list; prayer is an expression of our innermost yearnings, joys, and desire to feel connected to life within and around us!
The siddur – the prayer book – is a script, but unless we fully inhabit our role as worshippers, and embody the script, it remains lifeless on the page and in our mouths.

You don’t have to “believe” in order to pray. The answer to our prayers is the experience of being more fully alive. And the vehicles and vessels for our “aliveness” are these astonishing bodies that we inhabit.

In this workshop we will awaken and embody our prayers and the prayers of our ancestors. Through movement and vocal exercises, improvisational scores, text study, and a sacred and safe environment we will become a praying community, and join our energy to the chorus of life that is always joyously resounding throughout the universe. There are no prerequisites – physical limitations are not an obstacle. Our experience will be rich and joyous and will forever change your understanding of the power and purpose of prayer.

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