Ancient Jewish Spiritual Masters

Rabbi means both “teacher” and master”. The great luminaries of the early rabbinic period (2nd century B.C.E. – 3rd century C.E.) were both scholarly teachers and inspired spiritual masters. In this workshop we will immerse ourselves in the teachings of the two greatest luminaries of Rabbinic Judaism.

Rabbi Hillel and The Torah of Love

Hillel (d. ~10 C.E.) was an impoverished Jew from Babylonia who came to Jerusalem to study Torah. He rose to be the formative leader of rabbinic Judaism. Rabbi Hillel’s teachings remain central to Judaism to this day. They are teachings of love, humility, and peace, and never grow stale.

The Crazy Wisdom of Rabbi Akiva

Rabbi Akiva (~50-135 C.E.), the leader of Rabbinic Judaism, leaves behind tales and teachings that might remind us of Zen koans. Akiva was a passionate lover of God who understood the paradoxical nature of having faith in a benign universe in the midst of the human tragedy.

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