Listening for the Aleph

How do we hear God’s voice? Or in non-theistic language, how do we become aware of and listen for the deepest wisdom and guidance available to us?

In the Jewish tradition, the voice of God is the silent letter Aleph, the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet. It is the sound before sound, the “still small voice”. And it is the first letter of the first word of the Ten Commandments: Anochi – I am. Jewish tradition teaches that the Children of Israel camped at Mount Sinai and prepared and opened themselves to hear that silent opening that we usually miss, and were therefore able to receive the Torah, the moral and spiritual Teaching that has since guided the Jewish People.

Jewish tradition teaches that the revelation at Mount Sinai was not a discrete moment in the ancient past, but rather a timeless experience that is still available to those who seek it. The Aleph is always silently reverberating; our challenge is to learn how to receive it.

During this retreat we will study Jewish teachings on how to hear the Voice of God; we will engage in practices to help quiet our minds; we will spend rich time out of doors; we will open ourselves through art, music and writing.

Our goal is that every participant will come away both with mind-blowing Jewish teachings about the meaning of “the Voice of God”, and with their own deeper and abiding connection to their own still, small Voice of guidance and wisdom.

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