Spiritual Autobiography

Writing the Torah of Our Lives

Is life a random accident, or is there meaning and direction to our journeys? We may never know for certain, but the story each of us tells about our lives can either give us a sense of purpose and direction or a sense of aimlessness and despair. The Torah simply assumes that life has a purpose, and that every individual’s task is to discern that purpose and attempt to fulfill it. The Torah assumes that we are being tested by life, rather than that life is meaninglessly burdensome and difficult. Judaism assumes that something is asked of us, and that our task is to respond to the challenge.

A story we tell about our lives becomes Torah when we work to discern the teaching and purpose with which it imbues us. And when we discern the Torah of our lives, we become teachers and models for others.

In this workshop we will explore key stories in our lives and tell them in new ways; we will write and share and reflect our interpretations to one another, studying one another’s stories as we study the Torah, drawing new meanings and connections. We will leave this workshop enlivened with a sense of wonder and renewed direction for the miraculous journeys of each of our lives.

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