The Torah of Human Liberation

The Story of Passover

The Jewish People tell a story every year about how we came to be: we were slaves, and now we are free.

The story of the Exodus from Egypt is a timeless description of the dynamics of oppression and the constriction of the human spirit, and of the unquenchable human desire for liberation. The quest for liberation is both political and personal, spiritual and material. Our faith as Jews is that the Creative Power in the universe that “wants” the seed to grow to its full potential as a plant, also “wants” every human beings to grow to his or her full potential. That, we affirm, is the inherent nature of life, and of life’s mysterious Creator. We humans must be agents for that flourishing, not agents of its repression. We must be on the side of human flourishing, and opposed to the forces that would stunt that growth.

Through a close reading of the Book of Exodus, and of the Passover Haggadah, we will explore the central theme of Judaism: the mandate to liberate the oppressed, so that every person might be free to serve Life Unfolding to the fullness of his or her potential.

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