When Torah and Life Intersect: A Yizkor Remembrance

(I posted an earlier version of this piece on January 1, 2015, my father’s yahrzeit. I shared it again prior to the Yizkor service during Yom Kippur earlier this week, and I share it again with you now.)

Vayik’revu y’mei Yisrael lamut…

When Israel’s time to die drew near… (Parshat Vayechi, Gen. 47:29)

Vayik’revu y’mei David lamut…

When David’s time to die drew near… (Haftarah of Vayechi, I Kings 2:1)

Each year at Yizkor I remember my father, Dr. David Kligler of blessed memory. He passed away on the 10th of Tevet, 5740, which corresponded that year with December 30, 1979. So he is gone over 35 years. It is fascinating to watch the way my memories of my dad and my relationship with him continue to evolve so long after his death. Time can truly be a great healer. I have reached the point where anger and regret have pretty much dissolved, replaced by compassion for the man, and gratitude for the life and legacy he bequeathed to me. It really does not compute that I have reached an age a good number of years older than he ever attained.
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